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Why You Should Order Furniture and Decor Through an Interior Designer

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There’s a few questions we get all the time: Why can’t I order my furniture and decor myself? Do I really need an interior designer? You might be surprised to learn that interior designers bring a lot more to the table than selecting pretty decor. It’s actually a smart move to hire an interior designer to manage your furniture and decor orders. Not only do we possess expert knowledge of design principles and have access to high-quality furnishings, but we also offer personalized recommendations and can collaborate with other professionals to bring your vision to life.

Expertise in Design Principles

Interior designers possess a rare blend of artistic vision and technical knowledge, which we use to create beautiful and functional spaces. Our expertise in design principles puts us at an advantage when it comes to selecting furnishings and decor that will work seamlessly together. We understand the importance of scale, proportion, color, texture, and pattern in creating a harmonious and comfortable environment. When you hire an interior designer, you can be sure that every piece of furniture and decor will be chosen with care and intention, resulting in a cohesive and stylish appearance.

Access to High-Quality Furnishings

Access to high-quality furnishings is one of the many perks of working with an interior designer. At Domestic Studio, we have spent immense time and resources developing relationships with top manufacturers and suppliers, giving us access to a wide range of high-end options that aren’t available to the general public. From custom-made sofas to handcrafted decor, we can source the perfect pieces to elevate your space that you won’t find online. As designers, we have a vast network of contacts, which include furniture retailers, textile manufacturers, and even artists.

A good interior designer has an eye for quality and craftsmanship and can help you make informed decisions about which pieces to invest in. With an interior designer on your team, you can be confident that every item in your home will be of the highest quality, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Domestic Studio_Interior Design_Upper Midwest

Personalized Recommendations

Throughout the interior design process, we work closely with our clients to understand their preferences, vision, and overall style. With that information, we can provide personalized recommendations that perfectly match the client's taste and needs. These recommendations may include furniture and decor options that the clients may have never considered before, but ultimately fit their unique sense of style and personality. Having an interior designer who can provide tailored recommendations not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that your home is an accurate representation of who you are.

Peace of Mind

You’d be surprised at how complicated ordering furniture and decor can actually get. A small error can cost thousands and lead to disappointment. At Domestic Studio, we have processes in place that not only make sure that the order is correct, but that it’s delivered safely to your home according to our timeline. We handle anything that comes in damaged or incorrect before it’s even on our client’s radar.

When working with an interior designer, you will have peace of mind knowing that every purchase is being made with thought and purpose. When you have a professional guiding you through the furniture and decor selection process, you can trust that you will end up with quality pieces that speak directly to you.

To inquire about any of our services and find out if Domestic Studio is a good fit for your project, please submit a design inquiry and we will be in touch soon.


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